Computer asphalt penetration tester

1. The pre-dehydrated sample is heated and melted, and the temperature is not higher than the estimated softening point of the sample by 90 ° C. The time should not be more than 3 min, and the mixture is poured into the sample dish after sieving.

The depth should be at least about 10 mm beyond the expected needle insertion value, and placed in an air temperature of 15-30 ° C for 1 h. When cooling, care should be taken that no dust should fall.

2. Immerse the sample dish in the water tank and keep it for 1 to 1.5 hours. During the water temperature maintenance process, the needle spotlight should be turned off and extended.

3. After adding the water tank to the specified water, the special heater is connected with the digital display temperature control, and the temperature probe is placed in the water tank. When the water temperature is higher than 25 °C, the water temperature should be lower than 25 °C, and then the digital display Use the temperature controller instructions to set the control temperature.

4. Adjust the needle penetration meter to make water, adjust the needle bar and weight weight, loosen the tension wire of the cantilever, and let the cantilever fall, so that when the needle tip is in contact with the sample, the cantilever nut is tightened and then thinned. Adjust the work scam to make the surface of the sample and the tip of the needle just touch. At the same time, the digital display meter is placed at the highest end. The zero contact of the double-digit display at the top of the needle bar is well contacted.

5. Turn the power switch on time to zero. Press the start button to display the circuit. At the same time, release the needle bar. The standard needle is freely inserted into the sample. When the specified time is 5S, the computer time stops. When the needle bar is pinned so that the needle bar is no longer falling, the bottom contact of the digital display is contacted with the top surface of the needle bar by hand. At this time, the penetration value of the sample is displayed.

6. Repeat the test at least three times for the same sample. Each distance between the needle insertion points and the edge of the sample dish shall not be less than 10 mm. The average value of each test result is the result of the secondary sample.

7. The temperature of the water in the incubator should be checked and adjusted before each test. After the test, the standard needle should be removed and wiped with cotton or dry cloth without solvent (benzene or gasoline), and then dried with cotton or cloth. .

8. The instrument digital display should pay great attention to moisture. After long-term use, if the number is unclear, the screws that can be replaced can be replaced with the same specification battery. Other parts should not be opened at will to prevent damage.


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