Cloakroom decoration renderings

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the improvement of people's living standards, the needs of life communication, appearance has become more and more important. The bulky big wardrobe is no longer suitable for their needs. Many cloakrooms have gradually entered the life of fashion people. Compared with ordinary wardrobe storage, the cloakroom can better plan the classification of clothing products, and help the storage while adding a lot of fashion feelings to the home.

Cloakroom design

U-shaped cloakroom renderings

When I walked into this cloakroom, I didn't know that I walked into a clothes shop. There was enough capacity in the cloakroom. The clothes and shoes were sorted and stored in various areas. It was really full of feelings.

Cloakroom storage

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Open cloakroom renderings

The mirror in the cloakroom is generally used to look at the wearing effect and organize the instrument when worn. However, for a small space, such a large mirror from head to toe as a wall has another effect, that is, increase The sense of space, in the case, the narrow cloakroom was well stretched by the mirror.

Desk Controller

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Desk Controller

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