Classification and application of plate-making machine

Classification of Plate Making Machines The CTP direct platemaking machines mainly include inner drum type, outer drum type, platform type, and curve type. The most used types are the inner drum and the outer drum type. In these forms, the outer drum type gradually shows the mainstream trend. The types of plates are divided according to the plate base: metal plate and polyester plate, metal plate is mainly aluminum plate, high resistance to printing force, suitable for long printing, and polyester plate is more suitable for short version Printing requirements; divided by coating can be divided into photosensitive resin plate and thermal plate, the former is suitable for medium and long version of commercial printing, plate speed, and the latter can be processed in the yellow light or filtered ultraviolet light, plate quality the best.
Loading mode According to the degree of automation, the loading mode can be divided into manual and automatic. Manually on the version of the machine is cheap, but generally requires a darkroom operation, so the efficiency is lower; and automatic version of the equipment, work efficiency, but the price is more expensive, generally more expensive than the manual model 100,000 US dollars . Moreover, when the automatic device is in the upper version, it must use a full-size plate with a release paper. There is a layer of light protection film on the surface of the plate, so it can be operated in bright room. In the upper version, it is possible to automatically peel off the protective film on the surface of the printing plate by means of a plate feeder so that the plate material can participate in plate making.
The fixing method of the plate material on the drum includes: full adsorption type and middle adsorption, and two types of clamping are fixed at the end and end. There is no limit to the size of the plate for full adsorption, and the size of the plate for the clip type must be fixed.
0% of CTP equipment with punching device, the general hole drilling process after exposure, this can ensure that the printing plate in the press on the precise positioning, reduce the printing roller adjustment prepress preparation time, improve the printing quality and overprint ,positioning accuracy.
The printing plate used in the printing size CTP machine generally has a special large-format printing plate with a size of 66×84 inches, a large-format printing plate with a size of 55×67 inches, and a medium format printing plate with a size of 41 according to the requirements of the printing format and the equipment. Inch, 32 inch, 22 inch three; small format plate, size less than 18 inches. The most used ones are medium format and small format.

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