Buy fake Chinese lacquer in the store

The Xinzhou Industrial and Commercial Department issued a consumer warning yesterday, and filed four cases for the sale of fake paint shops, and asked to buy the paint to be carefully identified.

Xinzhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau received a report from Huarun Paint Factory that the counterfeit Huarun paint was found in Pantang, Old Street and Sandian in the district. After joint investigation, 39 barrels of "China Resources Paint" were found, the value of which was nearly 5,000 yuan, all of which were infringement and counterfeit products. .

But merchants and suppliers do not buy it. The purchase price of the two types of Huarun paint is 120 yuan and 130 yuan respectively, and the external sales are 150 yuan.

According to the analysis of industrial and commercial personnel, this batch of problems may be true and false, and the suspected supplier failed to provide supporting materials and purchase receipts within the specified time.

China Resources said that the market price of authentic "China Resources Paint" is about 250 yuan to 320 yuan; the color of the border of the product trademark is blue and red; the outsourcing is equipped with anti-counterfeiting labels, and the designated telephone can be password verified.

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