Brief introduction to the use instructions of water bath oscillator

Instructions for using the Shanghai Bilang water bath oscillator.

Before using the water bath thermostat

1. The working plane of the machine must not be too smooth (such as tiles, etc.).

2. The electrical rated parameters of the socket provided by the user should not be less than the electrical rated parameters of the machine, and have good grounding measures.

3. The machine is strictly prohibited to be used in direct sunlight.

4. The speed regulation should start slowly from low speed to high speed.

5. The machine may have a certain displacement during high-speed oscillation, so someone should take care of it when using it.

Instructions for use of water bath constant temperature oscillator

1. Load the test bottle and keep it balanced. If it is a dual-function model, set the oscillation mode. (See the last picture for detailed settings)

2. Turn on the power and set the timing time according to the scale of the machine surface. If you need to work for a long time, adjust the timer to the "normally open" position.

3. Turn on the power switch and set the constant temperature:

(1) Place the small control switch in the "Setting" section, at this time the temperature displayed on the display is the set temperature, adjust the knob and set it to the temperature required for your work. (The working temperature you set should be higher than the ambient temperature, at this time the machine starts to heat up, the yellow indicator light is on, otherwise the machine does not work)

(2) Put the small switch of the control part at the "measurement" end. At this time, the temperature displayed on the display is the actual temperature of the air in the test box. As the temperature in the box changes, the displayed number will change accordingly.

(3) When the heating reaches your desired temperature, the heating will stop automatically and the green indicator light will be on; when the heat in the test chamber is dissipated and is lower than the temperature you set, a new round of heating will start again.

4. Turn on the oscillation device:

(1) Turn on the oscillation switch on the control panel, the indicator light is on.

(2) Adjust the oscillation speed knob to the desired oscillation frequency.

5. Turn off the power after working, and set the speed control knob and temperature control knob to the lowest point.

6. Clean the machine and keep it clean.

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