Baodao Glasses Review Innovation Mode

[Eyeglasses] In an increasingly digital, information-based modern society, "electric business, O2O model" has become the current hot words, and the concept of O+O also turned out. As an upgraded version of the O2O innovation model, the O+O model focuses more on achieving online and offline interactions. Yesterday, Baodao Glasses and Public View announced that the two parties have joined hands to achieve this model.
In the future, the two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation on “mobile commerce”, including store information management, precise marketing management of members, optometry booking service, and LBS marketing, and are committed to building a more mature O+O model. Both parties believe that the future user experience will be the key to winning the business 3.0. Whoever provides the most personalized, best quality, and most convenient choices will maximize user loyalty.
Wang Zhimin, chairman of Baodao Glasses, is looking forward to deep cooperation between the two parties. He said: “At present, more and more traditional retailers are starting to engage in e-commerce. There are two types of business in the traditional field, one is 'selling real goods', and the other is This is called 'sales experience service', and the optical industry is selling experience first and selling physical goods. The public comment network is the best business partner of traditional retail, it has a mature LBS platform and rich local living information, can bring more Multi-mobile integrated experience, so through the public comment platform, layout O + O full touch point, enhance consumer experience, and further accurate marketing of members is of great significance."
Wang Yu, chief information officer and deputy president of Public Comments, also expressed optimism: “The retail platform is an important business area of ​​the public comment. This deep cooperation can expand the life services O+O market, as well as deepen the life needs of each user, and create a mobile end New business model."
For the in-depth cooperation with the public commentary on the O+O model, Wang Zhimin emphasized two key points. One is an appointment. Future optometrists' information will be placed on the Internet. Users can make appointments for optometrists based on this information, including comments. In the past, an optometrist worked in a fixed store. Afterwards, the user made an appointment for which store he would go to, where he would provide the service. The other is a check-in, which helps consumers identify the authentic glasses of the island and experience the authentic products and professional services of the island.
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