A brief description of the installation and commissioning of the biochemical incubator independently developed and produced by Shanghai Haozhuang

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Light incubator

Instructions for use:

1. Turn on the power, close the power switch, the whole machine is powered on, and the power indicator in the switch is on.

2. Please refer to the manual of intelligent digital temperature controller for temperature control setting.

3. If lighting is needed, turn on the lighting switch.

4. This type of incubator has a breakpoint protection function and a delay function of about one and a half minutes. After the compressor stops, it will start again for about one and a half minutes.

Light incubator

Maintenance and cultivation:

1. The shell of the incubator should be reliably grounded.

2. The incubator should be placed in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place away from heat sources and sunlight. Place it steadily to prevent vibration and noise.

3. In order to ensure the effective heat dissipation of the condenser, the distance between the condenser and the wall should be greater than 100mm. There should be a gap of 50mm on the side of the box and at least 300mm of space on the top of the box.

4. When carrying, repairing and maintaining the incubator, avoid collision, shaking and vibration; the maximum inclination is less than 45 degrees.

5. The instrument does not work suddenly, please check whether the fuse tube (behind the box) is burnt out, and check the power supply.

6. When cooling the incubator, it is not advisable to make the difference between the temperature inside the box and the ambient temperature greater than 25 degrees.

Common failures of light incubator:

1. The compressor is not cooled, the temperature in the incubator is not uniform, or the circulation tuyere is frozen.

2. The compressor is always in working state under the balance mode, and the cooling effect is better and the compressor can be effectively maintained.

3. If it is a single-system operation, it will work only when the temperature drops to a certain value, and the temperature will fluctuate greatly when the door is opened and closed. Make the compressor ordinary

4. Starting is easy to shorten its service life.

5. Uneven temperature:

6. It is possible that the discharge items are too dense or the circulation fan in the box does not work

7. If the light is used for a long time, the light bulb will easily heat up and cause uneven temperature.

Icing at the air outlet:

Each refrigeration instrument will have a defrost cycle, during which the compressor will not cool. The heating element melts the ice on the condenser. The melted water is likely to gather in the air outlet and eventually cause ice.

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