46 flat apartment with open-air gray brick wall wardrobe stylish and generous

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Single apartment is generally around 50 square meters. In such a space of size, it is hoped that there will be a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a large wardrobe . It seems not so simple. If your apartment is on the top floor, you can use the open-air balcony to design a small garden, which will expand your indoor space. The Chinese wardrobe net introduces you to such a plan today to satisfy your small wish.

Apartment decoration design

Living room decoration renderings

The compact living room, in the indoor space of 47 square meters, meets the living needs of the head of the household as much as possible. It is not easy to do this! The designer makes the storage on the wall, and the table is set up in a small living room. The owner's multi-functional needs. In the design of small units, the design of the storage space is an important part. The designer used the living room sofa wall and wall surface to design a bookshelf, and the large and small books and other sundries have suitable storage space.

Apartment wardrobe design

Entrance decoration renderings

The cabinet embedded in the wall is decorated with a small round dining table, and the round small dining table design is very suitable in a small apartment, which does not take up too much space.




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